Abfuellungsanlage bei Wareg Verpackungs GmbH in Bensheim
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State-of-the-art bottling plants along with regular strict quality checks on each
and every stage of production guarantee the high standard of the products
we manufacture.

WAREG Verpackungs-GmbH bottles the following for you:
Sachets in unterschiedlichen Verbundfoliencosmetic and technical products
Standbodenbeutel und Schlauchbeutel household cleaning and caring agents
Zupfdosen mit Scharnierdeckelliquid and pasty products
Pumpsprühflaschen von 50ml bis 1.000 mlsachets in a wide variety of composite foils and formats
Aerosoleduo-sachets with and without perforation
nach aktuellen GMP-Richtlinienflat-ended and hose bags
unter ständiger Qualitätskontrolle pluck tins with hinged covers
unter ständiger Qualitätskontrolle pump-spray bottles from 50 to 1,000 ml and aerosols

Filling is effected according to current GMP guidelines and under permanent
quality control.